Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ellie's New Decor

When we moved into the house that we're in now, we had no idea how long we'd be here.  We moved in due to an emergency in our last apartment and it was a very quick move.  Now that we know we'll be here for a while, we decided to really devote some time to making it our own for the next year (or two? depending on how life goes for Jordan and our family.)  So I have been planning out each room's decor for the past few months.  The living room and dining room are pretty much where they'll be for a while.  I got a new toy organizer for our toy room, so that is all set as well.  As for the other three rooms, our room, Evelynn's nursery, and E's room, we've been waiting for all of the renovations to go through to start anything.  I just realized the other day that it makes no difference when it comes to Ellie's room though, so I began redecorating.  I tried to do everything for free or as cheap as possible.  I believe all of the different things I put up cost a total of 12 dollars or so.  Her bedding is brown, pink, pale yellow and white with little birds all over it.  So I just went with brown, pink and ivory.  Very girly.  I still need to find heavy duty brown curtains, or make them myself...which I'd love to avoid, but I may have to do.  We also need to fix the closet door since it's been broken since we've moved in.  I eventually want to paint her dresser brown and pink as well.  So here are the few things I've put up so far.  I've done quit a bit more since taking these photos, but I'm having computer issues, so the rest will have to wait.  I'll add photos of before and after of the entire room once it is completely finished.  Enjoy!

Be on the look out for the tutorial on how to make
this wreath in the next few weeks!
Left over fabric from a blanket, and frame spray painted=free.

This was my Aunt Wendy's, I had it in a bag for the longest
time and thought I should put it in E's room. 
I replaced the buttons since most of them had fallen off. 
I left the kitty on there in memory of her. 
I added the beads to the lamp as well,
the stand is white flowers- all given to us. 

Got this for free on Whoopdwhoop.com
It will look cute on her this summer as well!

Frames cost 78 cents/piece, adding scrapbook paper
and rolled rosettes that I already had.

From etsy- 8 dollar vinyl decal.
Evie will have one as well.

I'm trying to think of what I can put around this to
decorate it up a little.  It can't be anything that Ellie
can reach or peel off.  Any ideas?
There will be a mobile (seen in today's tutorial)
hanging in the corner as well.


  1. Looks really nice Abi! You asked for ideas for around Eleanor's name on the wall. I thought of the tissue paper flowers, and hanging them from the ceiling high enough she can't reach them but they sort of frame her bed? Or maybe some flower decals for the wall cut out of vinyl like her name? I look forward to seeing what you decide! I'm sure it'll look great

  2. Yeah, I was thinking decals of some sort. I'm already hanging her mobile in that area, so I won't hang anything more. There are tissue paper flowers in another corner too. Great minds think alike. :)