Friday, April 1, 2011

Today's project

I'm finally getting into a mode where I am making things for myself, as well as for Ellie and our home.  I'm trying to take advantage of having the space to do so before the boys start tearing my house apart.  I've been working on projects here and there to update E's room into a more grown-up girly room.  I started with her bedding, which is a pink, brown, yellow and white bird theme.  The possibilities are endless!  I will post the before/after photos as well as close up of all of the fun projects.
But today, today I did something for myself.  Being in this stage in pregnancy can be hard.  It's the, "Has she had too many taco's or is she pregnant?" stage.  It's also the state where regular pants don't quite fit right, and neither do maternity pants.  (So excited for Summer where I can just throw on a cute skirt and be on my way...) SO... today I made this cute little belt.  I've been looking for skinny belts to purchase, but they all just look weird.  So, I thought with the fabric I got on sale at JoAnn's, and an old t-shirt... I'd make a one of a kind!

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