Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thursday's interesting things-

The night before we started dating...

Now that the weather is starting to look up and I'm feeling a bit better, we've been busier during the day and evening.  I even took it appoint to get Matt excited for a date to watch the Twins Opener last Friday.  We hadn't been on a date, just the two of us, in months.  YES, a married couple NEEDS a date every now and then.  I always thought, "Married couples are together all of the time, why do they need dates?"  But I certainly get it now.  I needed to be at a table, eating my food, and not sharing it all with a toddler who is throwing at someone else to get attention, rubbing it in her hair, and screaming.  (Not that she does that all of the time, she's actually very well behaved, but if you're a parent you know what I mean...) It was nice to have adult conversation, and actually be able to watch the game.  Matt filled me in on all the new players and I promised him that I would keep up with it this year.  The only sport I even remotely enjoy watching is baseball, well, the Twins.  I could care less about a team unless it's the Twins.  Or if it's the Yankees, then I just spend my time hating them.
Anyway, tangent...  I took it upon myself to line up a movie date tonight.  We live 1 block, seriously ONE block from one of the best theaters in Minneapolis and we have yet to go there together.  So, someone is coming to watch E and we are heading over there to watch a move in a theater together for the first time since we saw Up in St. Peter when I was pregnant.  Isn't that pathetic? 
So here's what I'm saying... One prayer I had for myself was to make sure we don't get stuck in a rut, a routine.  We have more time now, more daylight.  We should enjoy it, rather than just get through the day.  We have a planned budget, with planned money set aside for entertainment's sake.  We plan to do fun things to celebrate Friday, and a few days here and there throughout the month.  Make sure you and your family are doing the same.  Do something that the kids will remember.  Do something that will make your wife go, "ohh la la la." and do something that will make your husband go ga-ga again.  (Where'd that little black dress go?)  
Enjoy the 70 degree weather today, Minnesotan friends of mine! I know we will!

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