Monday, April 4, 2011

This weekend's activities...

We had such a nice, relaxing weekend this weekend.  We had plans of organizing our basement, but those went out the window when the sun was shining and we could go outside without wearing jackets.  It's about time, eh?  It was so nice to have Matt home so we could enjoy each other's company and Ellie always loves having Daddy home.  On Saturday we went for a stroll around our neighborhood, and stopped at the park that's a few blocks away.  It's a really nice park since it has a little kid park, as well as a kickin' big kid playground.  I can't wait until E is old enough for the big one.  It's huge!  We also decided to grill out (portabella mushrooms for the wanna-be-vegetarian pregnant one, and a big steak for man one.)  It was such a relaxing day.  We did work on the yard and house here and there, but focused mainly on just enjoying one another. 
On Sunday we woke up, and I wasn't feeling great.  I went off all medications this weekend, so the trying to get through the morning part made going to church, or the thought of leaving the house... almost unbearable.  So, Matt made the Alton Brown Popovers for breakfast, and we ended up going over to the Conner's house for the day.  We just watched movies, enjoyed some good food, and just hung out.  It was really nice. 
Here are some photos from the weekend- 

The amazing popovers!

Grace introduced E to markers... and this is what she got in return. :)

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