Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Story of my life...

Whew, being pregnant with a toddler is a lot harder than I thought.  Don't get me wrong, I knew it would be hard, but not this hard.  I mean, walking up stairs to bring the laundry to the basement makes me feel like I've run a mile!  Since I'm a stay at home mom, I consider my job duties as followed: taking great care of my child in every day, as well as our home.  Matt definitely helps me with both when he gets home, especially lately.  It's not a matter of "I'm the woman, I must cook." but rather, we're equals, and my job during the day is to be a homemaker.  But again, these what used to be "simple" tasks, feel like they take all of my strength by 8 a.m.
So, I've had to do some adjusting in my way of thinking lately to get me through these next few months.   Being a semi-perfectionist (I definitely am not as bad as some) I get down on myself when the house is disorganized when Matt gets home; shredded cheese on the floor from E's lunch, juice spilled in the kitchen, curler accidentally still on in the bathroom, and laundry thrown around.  He doesn't care, by the way... it's me who has it in their head that if I haven't been moving and cleaning all day, I'm lazy and a bad mom/wife.  Which, we all know isn't true.  So, I saw this image on a blog that I follow, I forget which one. I've printed it and hung in it in a few places.  

My goal here is to just get things done.  Not in any timing, any fashion, or any order, but just to get them done.  If it doesn't happen today, that's ok.  And if it isn't done "perfectly", again, more than ok.  I'm the one who has to remind myself...

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