Saturday, April 30, 2011

New Car!!

So last week, for many reasons, we decided it is time to buy a new car for our family.  One of the biggest reasons was to be able to get conventional lending once we do decide to buy a home since we don't really have a lot of "real" credit history other than student loans.  So, we thought to look for my second favorite vehicle, a Honda Element (1st is Scion xB, but it's not practical for a family and was a little too expensive) and we found a really good deal on one in Burnsville right away!  We test drove it, fell in love, and we're approved for great financing!  We got to drive it home this morning, and I can hardly wait to stock it with all of the family essentials.  I can't believe how much room it has!  I sat in the back when we went on the test drive, and felt like I was sitting in the back of a large van.   Matt is so excited to not hit is head on the ceiling, and it drives so smoothly!  I am so excited.  Especially because this is the car I get to drive everyday!  What a great birthday present, huh?  (Speaking of which... how does one handle turning 26?) 

(This isn't our actual car, but I wanted to wait to take photos of ours when it's nice out.)

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