Friday, March 11, 2011

We've all got cabin fever.

So, I decided to add a few photos from last summer to remind us all that spring and summer will be here soon enough.  (Sometimes it feels like not soon enough, I know.) This winter has been such a long one for Minnesota, and most of us are dying to bust out the rain boots to go puddle jumping, and then the shorts and flip flops to sit by the pool.  I know that if I have to hear E bang her fists against the door saying, "bye bye!" one more time, I'm going to weep like a little tiny baby.  So, see the green grass, the swimsuits, and summer clothes and take a deep breath.... it will be here soon!  It has to be!
On our agenda today: cutting a big yellow and orange sun out of construction paper, as well as palm trees and other summer things, and taping them to our bay window.  Trying to be positive people!

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