Saturday, March 26, 2011

Wanna trade for creativity?

I did my daily look-through of all of the fun blogs that I follow, and immediately stopped to read Cheri's blog about a new website called Whoppdwhoop.  It's a creative marketplace where you can literally trade something you have made for something handmade by another person for things called, "whoops."  I signed up, and added just a few things before Ellie woke up.  So here is how it works, you add something and determine how many "whoops" it is worth depending on how much it costs to make it, how time consuming it is, and how much it costs to ship.  My items were between 3-4 "whoops", on a 1-5 scale.  Then, you browse all of the lovely handmade items on the site and if you see something you like, you request to trade!  How awesome is that?!  I know my husband will be as excited about it as I am with all of the new decorating we're doing to both E's room and the new nursery!  Enjoy!

p.s.- If you do decide to sign up, please use my button or link so I can earn referral points, or "whoops."  Thanks! :)

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  1. I can see why you like Cheri's blog. I just spent, I don't know how much time, perusing all of her great projects. I had to make myself stop.