Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tutorial Tuesday

There will be no Tutorial Tuesday today.  My friend Sam and her baby boy, Cohen, are coming over for the morning and lunch and then baby Kyra will be coming over for the afternoon/evening.  So, find an awesome blog elsewhere and make something fun from a tutorial on it!  Have a good Tuesday! And if you live in Minnesota... enjoy the temp. going up and up and up!

p.s.- Level 2 ultrasound went great yesterday.  I'll post photos tomorrow. Baby measured at 8 cm and 14 weeks.  He/She moved around the entire time, and showed us he/she can swallow and "wave."  They tried to guess the gender, but the umbilical chord was in the way.  It's ok though, I'm in no hurry this time around.  It's amazing how different the 2nd pregnancy is compared to the first.  I have yet to open a book or wanted to be in a further week.  I still can't believe I'm pregnant, much less 14 weeks pregnant.  The next level 2 ultrasound and hopefully gender revealing is May 2nd, so it'll be a fun birthday gift for my brother, myself, and Matt if we do get to find out that day. 

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