Monday, March 14, 2011


Since it's hitting the 40's (and every Minnesotan is busting out their shorts) today, we decided to head out for a few different walks.  Ellie is super independent and doesn't like to sit in the stroller right now.  We've got a nice "snow fence" between the road and our block, so she can walk up and down the sidewalk and jump in puddles.  I can't wait until our yard is clear and I can just let her outside to run in the fenced in area.  She's going to have so much fun this summer.

On another note, I have my second interview for a full time nanny position tonight.  I kind of want to say I have the position because the mom said she wants to have the final person meet her husband and see her house before they start, and I am doing both tonight.  So we'll see.  I have mixed feelings about the job, only because it's around 55 hours a week, and I'll be taking care of two toddlers and a baby-baby while growing my own in my belly.  It's awesome pay though, and the family seems perfect.  So, again, we'll see.  Whatever God wants for us, I know it's His will.  We are doing a 40-day prayer at church, and there are 3 ways in which I am praying for this family and job.  Either way is fine with me.

Anywho- here are a few photos of one of our walks.  E just woke up from a nap so she's got crazy mullet hair. :)

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  1. Adelai loves puddles. Maybe, one of these days when it's nice out, we can take the girls for a walk together to walk through some puddles :)