Wednesday, March 9, 2011

So, I have obviously missed Tutorial Tuesday again.  Perhaps it was a project too big for this mom right now.  Truth is, yesterday was one of the busiest days I've had since subbing.  In the morning, I met with a really nice woman and her two little girls to do an interview for a full time nanny position.  It sounds like it would be a challenging, but great job.  And lets face it, with student loans, I could use the money right now.   I don't want to get too in to detail, as I'm not sure if I will get the position or not.  If I do, I'll let you know.  (Then I definitely won't be doing any tutorials for a while.)

After the interview, I headed home with E, gave her some lunch and put her down for a nap.  Very soon after, Heidi Kamrath brought their 1 month old baby, Kyra over.  We agreed to watch her for 4 Tuesday afternoons while Heidi, a doctor, has clinic.  And, to face one of my biggest fears... saying I might be wrong... I was totally overwhelmed most of the time that she was here.  Not so much because she was a tiny newborn, but because I had this 18 month old tugging on my shirt, wanting snacks and for me to pay attention to her.  Every time I'd look away, Ellie would scream and wake Kyra up.  I even had that dreaded moment when Ellie pooped, then Kyra pooped.  I felt as though I would be depriving one of I changed the other first.  After Kyra fell asleep, Ellie and I watched Elmo together, and of course, it was the day that Matt got stuck at work late.  Ellie kept saying, "Bee-bee bye bye please."  Ugh... I know it will be much different when baby #2 comes, being E's little sibling and not just another baby.  She really wanted to help most of the time, but if she wanted something that I wasn't able to give because of the baby... she was ticked! She got a time out in her crib because she bit me!  I could hardly believe it!  Once Jon picked Kyra up, E waved happily as she left and immediately snuggled up with me.  She could hardly let go of me to eat dinner.  So, I'm glad we're getting this practice before the next one comes.  I also know that we are eased into hard things like this with time, instead of thrown into it one afternoon.  I'm still confident that it will be just fine, but I guess this is God's way of helping me prepare. 
Anyway- today, I was supposed to hang out with my friend Abby but E woke up an hour later than normal, and was wheezing when she awoke.  So, I took her in to see the doctor and she has croup and an ear infection.  I cannot even begin to express how absolutely and utterly sick of winter and sickness I am.  The snow and gray weather seriously makes me want to max out our credit cards and head to a warm sunny place until it's spring. 
Ok, that's enough ranting.  Hope you all are well! 

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