Thursday, March 24, 2011

Snowday Blues... Projects for the bored!

I didn't even open my curtains yesterday.  I shut all of the shades, and sat on the couch pouting until I could go to bed.  I was in such a crummy mood.  Not only had about a foot of snow fallen onto our freshly revealed spring yard, but Eleanor and I caught matching colds.  Again.  Seriously, I literally pouted yesterday.  Matt had a late day at work, and didn't get home until around 6:30.  (He usually gets home at 2:30-3.)  So, we had to think of a way to cure those blues.  I brought out a few projects that I had been saving for a rainy day, or in this case, snowy day.  Ugh... 
First project was decorating peanut butter cookies with Easter sprinkles.  Ellie loves "kee-kee's"  so, it was a perfect project for her.  She hadn't quite caught wind that the white stuff was frosting until she was done, so her cookie was completely destroyed the second she licked he finger.  Too cute.

Mama's cookie.

E's cookie.
Second project was called "Coffee Filter Butterflies."  We used washable markers to color on coffee filters, then I watered them down to give them a tie-die effect.  Then Matt graciously (I melted) brought home pipe cleaners for us to make the bodies with.  I hung the one we made in the bay window and plan to make more today to adorn the rest of the window with.   Needless to say, it cheered us up long enough for daddy to get home, which is always the best part of our day. 

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