Thursday, March 17, 2011

Extreme Home Makeover-

Minus the icky host...

So, after the house hunt, the offer on the St. Paul house, the fall through of the offer on the St. Paul house,  and the extreme disappointment of being let into our dream house on accident... We decided to stay in the house that we are in.  Jordan, our friend and landlord, decided that it worked out equally as well for him as it did for us.  So, one of the things we talked about with Jordan was the possibility of Matt and his dad (a contractor) re-doing the upstairs.  It needs to be redone for a few reasons; it is very poorly insulated and the air is not pushed up there, making it incredibly hot in the summer, and almost like being outside in the cold winter.  Not to mention the fact that it is extremely outdated.  So, they are ripping walls out, re-painting, ripping flooring out, adding heated floors and click-in wood flooring, a new closet, as well as way better insulating.  We are thinking the renovation should begin in April or May, according to when Mike and Jordan will be available and be finished within a month to month and a half, depending on the amount of time each person has to put into the project. (Yes, I'm having to prepare myself for construction, mess, and living in a room 1/4 the size of our actual bedroom...)
So, inevitably this means that we will be moving downstairs for the time being.  Therefore, we will need to move all of the art and craft stuff in the extra room to the basement.  But first, we need to organize the basement.  There hasn't been a lot of water in the basement, but with the enormous amount of snow we have to melt in such a small amount of time with temps rising, we are going to get plastic storage bins to store our stuff in.   After we have moved in and out of the extra bedroom, we'll make it into the new baby's room.  This will give us time to first, find out the gender, but also find deals on garage sales.  
So this whole process is going to be a lot of work, but we've been in transition mode since we live in St. Peter.  From there to Matt's parent's basement (and a storage area) to "crazy Mary's" house, to here... where we thought we'd only be for a few months.  We're so glad to be here, and absolutely love this house.  (I'll remind you that we wanted to buy it at one point.) So we are finally making it our own for the next year.  We're buying new curtains and moving things around, as well as the renovations.  I will make sure to take before and after photos for sure!  Latest project- E's room; changing bedding, new curtains, new fabric wall hangings, new photos, and new toy storage.  Fun! 


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