Friday, March 4, 2011

Ellie Andi

I was looking at my daughter last night as she ran back and forth from the kitchen to her play room yelling, "Rarrrr" after her daddy.  I thought about how big she is getting, but I say that every day.  It's like this child is a completely different being than the one I held almost 18 months ago.  So, I thought I'd give a little tribute to her and all of her favorite things and what she has been learning lately.

We have been working on colors and letters with E and she has caught on to yellow, blue, and green.  Our favorite one to have her say is "yellow" because she says it perfectly.  So sweet!  She also knows E, and N.  She loves to pretend to sing the alphabet song.

Speaking of songs, Ellie now loves her cousin's favorite song- Beyonce's Single Ladies.  She sings, "oh, oh, oh..."  It's hilarious!  She loves to listen to music and dance in the living room.  She also really loves to say "hi" to the baby (since she hasn't figured out it's her) in the photobooth on my computer.  I'll have to post some videos of her doing it.  Hilarious!

Ellie is at the point where she is repeating words right and left.  When we stayed in the hotel we looked out the window and everything I pointed to and said she repeated, "Church", "bus".  She catches things that I think are crazy, she'll pull words from my sentences and use them for the rest of the day.  I won't go through all of the words she knows because at this point it'd be impossible.  Our doctor told us she is ahead of the game as far as talking goes, so it was nice to get that affirmation since that's what we thought. (But we're just her parents, we're obviously bias.) :)

Some of E's favorite things right now`:
-The Cat in the Hat book
-Stinky Cheese Man book
- Imogene's Antler's book
-Elmo and Sesame Street (we are finally done with Blues Clues, thank goodness!)
- Her soccer ball, bouncy ball, snow globe ball, huge ball- anything with a ball, she loves.
-Beach Boys
- Danimals (or as she calls them, Ava Juice.)
-Her cousin Ava
-Daddy (they've been attached at the hip lately.)
-Grandpa Mike (bapa)

Ellie will be 18 months on the 18th.    I still can't believe the little girl she is becoming.  It's so crazy to watch her learn things on her own and come up with quirky things.  She's got a great sense of humor already.  We just love her so much!!

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