Sunday, March 13, 2011

Day Light Savings

Hopefully I'm not more thrilled about this than her...
Finally, this day light savings (Spring ahead!) will hopefully work to my advantage.  See... Ellie normally goes to bed around 6:30, wakes around 6:30 and naps at noon.  A lot of people ask us when Matt actually gets to see her with a bedtime so early, but truth is, he gets home around 2:30-3, so we get plenty of play time, and our dinner/bath time routine with her.  We get a lot of flack for that bedtime, but truthfully, she has always been ready for bed then and we've kept the routine.  But now, with all of the fun summer activities and her 18 month birthday approaching in a few days, we decided it would be best to give her a later bedtime.  So, tonight, it'll feel like 6:30, but it will be... ta-da!! 7:30!  Then her nap will move to 1, and hopefully (fingers crossed) we both will be able to sleep until 7:30 or later in the morning.

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