Wednesday, March 30, 2011


We are in the house with colds, waiting for Daddy to get home so we can run to the store to get klenex and bubbles.  E has been wanting bubbles ever since Grandma Karen bought her a monkey bubble maker.  Unfortunately Ellie was super scared of the bubble maker, but wants just regular bubbles and I can't find any of the 800 bottles that we had from last summer.  So, it's time... it needs to happen.  Anywho... I found this little pregnancy survey, and thought it would be fun looking back on this...
Q: How did you find out you were pregnant?

A: Matt and I had been trying for a few months, and I knew it was the earliest possible day that I could test and get an outcome.  We all know I had tested before that day though... just because I'm impatient!  I tested on a Sunday, and then knew I couldn't test again until Tuesday.  That morning I did a test and saw just one line, so I thought... oh well, too early again.  I put the strip aside and started to "put my face on."  I glanced down a few minutes later and saw a very faint second line.  I'm talking very faint.  So I took another one and got another faint line.  I called Matt and told him, trying not to get my hopes up.  I then called my sister-in-law Grace to see if she would be able to drive E and I to the store to pick up real pregnancy tests. (I had strips that they use in a hospital.) I also didn't want to be alone for the next test, so it was really nice to have Grace.  We grabbed more tests, and also some grub on the way home.  I couldn't even wait to take the test to eat, so I took one, then we waited.  It was a digital test, so this way there wouldn't be a question about it.  All of the sudden..."yes" came on the screen.  YES! I was pregnant!  It was so surreal and wonderful!  Matt came home early and we told our families right away!

Q: How far along are you?

A: 14 weeks

Q: When are you due?

A: Sometime between September 29-Oct. 1.  We've gotten a few different dates.  The later the better!

Q: Where will you deliver?

A:Park Nicollet in St. Louis Park.

Q: Are you going to find out what you're having?

A:Yep.  We aren't the kind of people who can wait, and we think it's still a great surprise to find out.  And this way... I can get my craft on and plan the nursery, make clothes and bibs, and all of the family can go crazy. :)

Q: Have you chosen any names?

A: Yep.  But I'd like to keep them to ourselves until we know. :)

Q: How have you been feeling?

A:  Better.  My first trimester was super hard.  Mornings are still a little hard for me, but thankfully they gave me Zofran this time (I'm sure this blog can be a testimony for that brand... yeesh!) so I've been feeling much better.  Always super tired, and sometimes crabby.

Q: How has Matt been feeling??

A:  I think overwhelmed at times.  I think he does so much with work, taking care of Ellie, and then having to take care of me.  He's probably tired of eating small snack-y meals since that's all I ever want to eat. :)

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