Saturday, March 26, 2011

Baby update

We had our 13 week prenatal yesterday afternoon. It was just a basic appointment, but we got to finally meet our doctor.  I had kind of picked Dr. Peterson out of the blue since there are almost 20 doctors at Park Nicollet and any given one could deliver this baby, and I'd only see that doctor every other prenatal from there on out.  I was going to go with the doctor that delivered Ava, Matt's cousin, but she does not induce until 42 weeks for sure, which, we all know I'm a wuss and don't want to have to go past 5 days again.  So, we met Dr. Peterson yesterday and she seemed very nice.  I honestly like our nurse practitioner even more, which is good because she will for sure be there for the birth.  I did not chose a midwife this time like I thought I would, because I need to have "the drugs."  Hats off to those who have done natural births, but I know it's not for me... so, I chose a doctor so I wouldn't have to go through the hassle of someone trying to talk me out of something I already know I want.
Anyway, baby is doing great.  We'll get to see him or her more on Monday at our down syndrome testing and extra ultrasound.  His or her heartbeat was strong and fast.  I am finally back to my normal weight, so I can start gaining from here.  I lost about a total of 10 pounds this time, better than the 18-20 I lost last time.  (Thank you Zofran.) Other than that, like I said, it was a very general appointment.  They told me to exercise and eat healthy (check, check.) and make sure I take time to rest (major check.)  Anyway, it went well and I'll let you know more of what we see on Monday, hopefully with photos!  Have a good weekend! 


  1. What kind of exercising do you do?

  2. I have a prenatal yoga video that I do. It goes by trimesters and what positions to do and what ones to take easy. It's fun! We also make it a point to go on walks either at the mall or outside if it's nice at least a few times a week.