Wednesday, March 30, 2011

14 week Ultrasond Photos

Our ultrasound was so much fun on Monday.  It was an extra one that went along with the down syndrome testing (they measure the fluid in the neck with the ultrasound, as well as the structure of the nose.) All of baby's organs were in the correct place, which is great!  They were more so concerned with this pregnancy considering that my sister, Andrea, had complications while forming inside of my mom.  She was born with abnormalities that were fatal... (might I say, she lived 2 1/2 year strong and happy, which is 2 1/2 years more than the doctors said she would.)  Baby was moving the ENTIRE time we were there.  I can tell this one will be just like E, always kicking inside and outside of the womb.  My doctor that I met with on Friday said I shouldn't be able to feel the baby yet, but with seeing how much that little baby moves... there's no way I can't feel it!  Baby's heart rate was a little lower than E's, which I'm hoping that means it's a boy.  The doctor sat in one "area" for a really long time trying to move the umbilical chord from between the legs so she could guess the gender, but she didn't want to say anything because of the chord.  Our gender ultrasound is set for May 2nd, perfect timing for all of the birthdays around that time. (Mine, Matt's, Travis', Abby's.) :) 

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