Thursday, March 31, 2011

1000 gifts

67. Going to the town I once lived in for years and reliving wonderful memories.
68. Getting the chance to go see a really good friend, and old boss to receive awesome business cards in exchange for a coffee with way too many espresso shots. 
69. Hanging out with my friend Kara after around a year and a half of not seeing each other and sharing our hearts in conversation. 
70.  Watching Eleanor play peek-a-boo with Taya, another mom who has a girl around E's age.
71.  When a project I'm doing turns out even better than I thought I would.
72. Hanging out with my Aunt Jeni and feeling so at home.
73.  Appreciating my day at home this week, resting and getting housework done.
74.  Getting to look forward to a hot date with my husband. (I still love the sound of that.  My husband.)
75. Watching Matt and Eleanor hang out in her princess tunnel, whispering to one another.
76. Being able to redecorate a room for almost free.  Ahh... creativity...
77. Spending time on the phone with my friend Grace and feeling so energized and encouraged.

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