Friday, March 25, 2011

1000 gifts

46. That my fears can be put to rest when I lay them on my Father. 
47. When E's pigtails are lopsided, so cute.
48. When the girls at the coffee shop notice we haven't been in for a few weeks, and basically blow of the next customer to keep talking. (sorry guy with beard. )
49.  When I open the snack cupboard to realize I have yet to make the box of brownie mix.  Come to mama!
50. When Ellie puts her boots on to see Grandpa Mike, 5 hours early.
51. The fact that my big brother now lives less than 20 minutes away from me, and is just as excited about family time as I am.
52. When we walk into our church and are flooded with smiles. 
53. The built in in the dining room that holds all of our movies and cd's, protecting them from little 1 year old hands.
54. That my friends are so creative.  It's so inspiring.
55.  That God has blessed us in so many ways financially with small opportunities to make money here and there.  

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