Thursday, March 24, 2011

1000 gifts

33. When I get Ellie up and she immediately gives me a big slobbery kiss.
34. When the people across the street give us a juice box for free because they think E is cute.
35. Having such a great church full of great community and pastors.
36. Our neighbor Joe, who has been outside more lately to entertain us with his large pit fires and friendly chat.
37.  My husband who brought home pipe cleaners for us after he saw that we were missing them in my email rant to him mid-day.   (He also bought me a Mumford and Son's album and cute card.  What a good man!)
38. When an old friend sends a message with loving words wanting to reconnect.
39.  Feeling my baby move around in my belly.
40. When people in line at the post office "flirt" with Ellie to keep her entertained.
41.  Being able to live in a house where we have more than enough space for everything.
42. Being able to have the opportunity to use my creativity to help provide financially.
43. Talking to friend who are very far away, and feeling like they are right there in the room with you giving encouraging words.  (Yes, Grace, that's you...)
44. The fact that we haven't had to buy pretty much any clothes for Eleanor yet because of the awesome hand-me-downs from our friends and family.  And she's always well dressed!
45. When I walk into see Matt on the floor with Ellie resting her head on his chest, and they're both pretending to snore.  Those two melt my heart.  I love the daddy/daughter relationship they have, and the promise she has in him to always have a good dad who is there for her, on her side, all of the time.   

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