Wednesday, March 16, 2011

1000 gifts

23. The cars that wait for E and I to walk across the street at the 4 way stop sign.
24. Pickles wrapped in cream cheese and ham.
25.  Having a husband that'll go out to get pickles, cream cheese and ham.
26. When a women gives a pack of tissues to wipe off our wet cart at Target.
27. When my super cute friends send me recipes that make them think of me.
28.  A nation that steps out to help another country in need.
29.  The group of motorcyclists that revved their engines at a soldier's funeral to drown out protesters.
30. When my sister in law gave me a hug the second I walked in the door after not seeing her for a week.
31.  When my daughter makes me "pizza, celery, and a cupcake" from her kitchen.
32. 50 degree weather. (only a Minnesotan would say that.) :) 


  1. I saw a video for the motorcyclists who create a barricade between protestors at a funeral and the grieving family. I cried when I watched that. How awesome that these motorcyclists go to different funerals to do this for families. It's ridiculous that they have to, but awesome that they do it.

  2. Yeah, I don't know why it's so much cuter when bikers do stuff like that than anything else. Like the biker rally against breast cancer- hundreds of burly men riding their Harleys in pink shirts. Ugh... makes me tear up. It's so wonderful.