Sunday, February 6, 2011

This week

Oh man, this week has been an interesting one.  With being incredibly sick ALL OF THE TIME and having to get up 2.5 hours before it's light out, I've been a very crabby woman.   I had high hopes that with this pregnancy, I'd be less sick than with E's pregnancy.  Not the case at all! I feel like I'm just as sick, or even more.  A big factor in it is that I am not getting enough sleep by any means.  Matt drops me off at Karen's, and then I ride with her and Anna to school.  So, in order to be ready, and get Matt into work on time, I get up at about 4:45.  My routine of getting ready consists of getting sick 3 times throughout.  I don't even bother putting any make-up on.  Once everyone is where they need to be, I'm already ready for a nap...  I've got "pregnancy brain" which totally makes teaching so much harder than normal.  I forget which class is which, I forget my lunch and get even more sick, and I end up losing track of my thoughts in the middle of lectures.  I look like a bloated idiot!  Or feel like one at least...
So, yes, this is me complaining.  I am very much looking forward to getting up later with E, and hanging out at home and feeling sick, looking sick, and being a little more ok with it.  I have 6 more days left, and I am very much dreading every morning and every evening of those 6 days.  I'm blessed to have the opportunity to do this, but it's by far the worst timing of my life.  I know I'll look back on this and laugh, but for now... it's not quite as funny yet.
 E has had a lot of fun with her Aunties and cousin Ava.  I can tell this weekend that she's sick of being "bye-bye" and just wants to be with me and Matt at home.  She keeps hugging and snuggling us.  It's funny when other people watch her, she learns things that I never would have thought to teach her.  It's fun.  This week instead of answering things with "yes" and "no" she says "yep" and "nope."  It's so cute!  She knows how to say "Happy Birthday" and she started trying to jump in the air, which actually is just her bending her knees and snapping up which she says, "Jumpa-Jumpa!"  She's too funny!
Anyway, that's really all on this last week.  I got my rant out, and feel a little better.  Hope you all are well!

oh, and p.s.- the preggie pops haven't been working for me.  The sea bands have shown a little improvement... but so far, I took a zofran today and it's been the only thing that has helped with the nausea.  Hopefully I'm not kicking myself tomorrow when the side effects are outweighing the nausea.  

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  1. doesn't sound like much of a fun week. :( I hope its a little better this next week