Thursday, February 10, 2011

Life saver

So, this week has been incredibly better than last week.  First off, thanks to Zofran, I've gotten my life back.  I was really weary of taking it until I actually got to talk to my doctor.  The whole idea of it being a newer drug sort of scared me, but I found out it's not as new as I thought and the various reasons it's safe for pregnancy.  The day I started to take it, I ate a plate of food, which was unheard of since nothing ever sounded good.  And get this, it stayed down!  It has a few small strange side effects, but nothing I wouldn't choose over being weak and sick all day over.  So, it's been so much easier to focus on, well, actually getting ready in the morning to start with.  I can actually "put my face on" rather than stare at this pale, half way asleep face in the mirror.  I can focus on teaching rather than wondering if the kids will notice me running out of the room to throw up.  I can get home at night and make a good meal for my family and enjoy it with them.  I know it sounds so dramatic, but imagine having a bad stomach flu and being extremely fatigued for about 7 weeks straight... it's torture.  The doctor actually told me that I most likely have Hyperemesis  Gravidarum, which basically is just a severe type of morning sickness with, "unrelenting, excessive pregnancy-related nausea and/or vomiting that prevents adequate intake of food and fluids." (That was written in the wikapedia definition, which my guess is the person who wrote that had it and was so right, it's unrelenting.)
Teaching has been good this week.  I feel like I got to know the high schoolers that I didn't already know, and got back into the hang of it all.  The thing about Eagle Ridge Academy is that it is a completely different caliber of school.  There are a few students who get a little rowdy here and there, but they're all just such good kids.  I think about my field experience and how some of the kids would "tell me where to go" and there would be fights in the hallways, kids cussing me out, putting their headphones on, and other crazy stuff.  Not at ERA.  Again, it's not a perfect school, but the students are just really awesome, as is the staff.  There's constant support everywhere in the staff, and endless resources especially for a smaller school.  It's pretty great and I hope to someday somehow work there.
We've gotten some good news this week- we are officially staying in the house that we're at.  We worked it out with our friend Jordan, and are going to do a few renovations to the house while we are here.  We also did our taxes and the return ended up being A LOT more than we thought, plus getting paid for subbing, will give us a nice income this month therefore....drum roll please... we're getting another car!  Yay!  So with that there are many more possibilities of me finding a job somewhere during the day.  Hopefully a job that allows me to bring Ellie, a nannying job or something.  We'll see!
Anyway- that's all for now.  Hope you all are well! 


  1. woohoo a CAR!! Yay! So happy for you :-)
    Are you, staying-staying in the house? Or staying for a while longer, kind of staying?

  2. We are going to sign a 1 year agreement with jordan to stay here. So, we'll be here probably through March or April of next year. The baby will be around 6 months, so it'll be a good time to move. Well, better, at least.

  3. When is this little ones due date? Is it in September?

    I'm glad you guys are able to stay where you are longer, instead of finding an apartment, and then continue to look for a house. That'd be a lot of moving.

  4. You know, I don't know. E was conceived in the beginning of December and her birthday is in Sept. This one was conceived in the beginning of Jan, but the doctors are telling me the due date would be closer to the end of September. I still don't understand how they calculate weeks. They add another 2 before conception, etc. So... we'll see. Not sure...

  5. I've done the due date predictor through babycenter and it's been fairly accurate (accurate being the same date that the doctors will give you).
    Yah, it's weird to calculate the age of the baby. I have a book that shows you the development per week, and it says how many weeks you are according to your pregnancy and then how old the baby actually is. Kinda weird. ;-)