Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Baby # 2

We had our first check up yesterday afternoon at Park Nicollet Methodist hospital.  We chose Park Nicollet because Matt's Aunt Jeni had Ava there and really liked it, as well as it having really high ratings from other patients.  I had also been to the ER there before I was pregnant, just sick, and absolutely loved the staff.  They were quick at getting me in, seen, and taken care of.  They had really friendly volunteers that came to cheer me up and it just seemed so much less scary than it usually is.  I've called the nurse-line a few times already and I'm very impressed with the nurses I've talked to.  They're professional, but not cold.  They're so helpful and nice.
So, anyway, yesterday was our 9 week appointment. At Park Nicollet they have the patient alternate between a nurse practitioner and a doctor throughout the 9 months.  Since there are 24 doctors on the list, there obviously is no promise that I'll have the doctor I've chosen for my birth.  That happened with E, I had a female doctor throughout my pregnancy, then she went on vacation and ended up having the new male doctor deliver Ellie.  It really didn't even matter, he was there for the last 45 minutes of the 16.5 hours.  We met with the nurse practitioner that will most likely be there during my birth yesterday, and she was AWESOME!  She was super personable, honest, and listened rather than interrupting us and making us feel dumb.  (We obviously had that happen in our last experience.)  She asked all of the questions, which are so much fun to go through.  We talked about my sister, Andrea, who had some birth defects with her heart and spleen that lead to her passing away at age 2.  Because of this, they are putting me at a higher level of ultrasounds, as well as getting them more often.
The best part of the appointment was last, the ultrasound.  They gave us the estimated due date, which is September 28th.  Sorry E...  We apparently did our math wrong, and thought we'd have this next one in October.  We probably will anyhow, since I seem to have my babies late.  We just didn't want E's and #2's birthday to be too close.  I remember it being hard on not only my brother and I with having our birthdays a day apart, but on our mom as well.  It can get expensive, and hard trying to please both kids...  and the kids don't really understand it until they're older.
Anyway- the baby was strong, healthy, and already looked like a little gummy bear!  He/she was on her head and was moving around, with strong heartbeat.  We're so excited!!

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