Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Our Secret

Our secret hasn't been as much of a secret as I'd like. :)  Apparently a few of the people we told got a little too excited and told some other people, and so on... So I just decided I'd let the cat out of the bag.

I am 4 weeks and 6 days pregnant. :) 

We were trying for this one, and obviously had no trouble at all.  We are absolutely thrilled.  We haven't been to the doctor yet, they want us to wait until 8-10 weeks, so middle of Feb.  I took 4 tests, and the doctor said it's incredibly difficult to get a false positive, much less 4.  So it's definite!

We're giving the news a little earlier than we had planned, but no matter what, it's good to have a support system.  It would also be nice to complain about how tired and poopy I feel right now.  At least this time I'll know what to expect.

Ellie is so excited to be a big sister.  She knows where the "bee-bee" is, she points to my tummy when she hears the word.  When she hears, "big girl" she points to herself.  Too cute.  

Anyway- there ya' go!  Exciting news!


  1. super excited for you and Matt Abi :-) I love your pregnancy ticker ;-) I love sharing with people the size of our baby in regards to food. hehe.
    Adelai gives the baby kisses sometimes :-) It's so sweet. I ask her where the baby is and for a while she would point at her own tummy.

    That's so fun that Eleanor knows there's a baby in your tummy.

  2. Yeah, I totally stole that from you. I've enjoyed watching yours go up, and it's so fun to compare it with an actual size we can comprehend. Super cool! Thanks!