Saturday, January 22, 2011

1,000 gifts

16. A giant room full of people laying hands on a man going to South Africa, praying for so many great things for him in his mission.

17. A woman who offer diapers to us when we are out and really don't want to have to leave the coffee shop. (SO nice!)

18.  Grandparents who gladly watch babies while we go look at houses.

19. Big fluffy snowflakes.  (yep, I'm looking at this as a gift despite the copious amounts of snow we've gotten  this winter.)

20. When the people at Reidy's saved E's mitten and were so excited to give it back to her.

21. When the ladies at Reidy's play peek-a-boo with E every time we go in.

22. When Emma, my sister-in-law, makes cooks something really yummy for me.  

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